February 16-20,2019


Udham Singh Nagar


More than 30 Events

WHAT'S ABOUT EVENT / what's going on there come and enjoy

Udham Singh Nagar was a part of district Nanital before it gained the identity of a separate district in September 1995. District Udham Singh Nagar is located in tarai region of Uttarakhand and is endowed with rich fertile land, plain terrain, abundant water and human resource. Its rich agricultural produce and industrial development is playing a major role in the state GDP. To revive, energise the local people and showcase the Historical and Cultural, importance of Kumaon region in general and Udham Singh Nagar in particular a Theme based Carnival has been planned in Udham Singh Nagar in the month of February. With the conduct of US Spring Carnival 2019 can showcase all the aspects of our community and bring back the glory to this place. This will also help us to provide a platform to various artists, artisans, and local community not only at state and also at national level too.


Vision behind to start this festival is to showcase Udham Singh Nagar as a lucrative destination for tourism and make it every year affair so that local community and other stake holders will adopt it to make it more lustrous and contribute towards the strengthening of economy of Udham Singh Nagar.


To display the various facets of Udham Singh Nagar  with participation of different sections of community and inculcate some ethos of tourism in them to achieve greater objectives. This will help us to engage youth population in some constructive work and engage them in nation building and make them demographic dividend, which is one of the objectives of our nation. This in turn will instil confidence in working population of kumaon region in general and Udham Singh Nagar  in particular.

Theme of the Festival

Theme of the Festival can be commensurate to the activities and events involved in festival. Based on the events proposed during the festival Theme can be consists of “Adventure, Culture & Business”

Place of the Events

The festival contains activities which are diversified and different in nature, therefore activities can be planned and clustered in different pockets. This will give us the opportunity to showcase our best places of Udham Singh Nagar i.e. Udham Singh Nagar City, Sports Stadium Rudrapur, Baur Jalashay, Gandhi Park, Airport Pantnagar/Aeroclub.

Events during Festival

Activities can be planned to attract all the sections of our society, so that purpose of the organisation of the event can be achieved. Participation of people in large number will boost the local economy and will encourage them to engage in this kind of events in future too. Activities can be consists of – Yoga festival, Classical dance, Classical songs, Bollywood Musical Night, Folk songs, Folk dance, Folk Theatre, Bird Watching, jungle Walk, Rock Climbing, Fashion Show, Photography Competition,  Aero shows, water adventure, Cycle rally event, Food festival,Kavi sammelan and different activities in local schools.

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